Study Tips for Effective and Efficient.

Efforts to improve the academic achievement necessary to create an atmosphere conducive to learning, developing a spirit kompentitif healthy and growing confidence in his ability to enrich a lot of reading, all that’s how we can find a strategy to learn or how to learn. There are a few tips to learn effectively and efficiently will be discussed below.

1. Creating an atmosphere that is conducive to learning.

No less important and you have to remember in creating an atmosphere conducive to learning achievement stimulate impulse is to take into account the element of feeling. Because the element is dominant and underlying feeling all productive activities seseorang.Dengan other words whether or not the activities of a person depends on the element of feeling in carrying out such activities.

Therefore, you must account for and pay attention to the element of feeling to realize expectations. Of course we all know that the excitement is moving. Everything is done with a happy (happy), it will produce something better. Disappointment or distress element is soften or weaken.
An activity carried out due to pressure or disappointment, of course, will result in a disappointment or dissatisfaction or low quality. Therefore, the atmosphere of joy must always be able to learn well maintained and bring brilliant ideas. So also aroused actualize himself fully in achieving our expectations.

2. Developing competitive spirit

To encourage a good boost achievement needs to be developed a healthy atmosphere and constructive kompetetif directed to himself. Aware he had a potential that is ready to be developed. Willingness or desire must be raised, so that he always felt challenged to want to know everything and want to always stand out more than others.

Surely you are aware of those who survived, has its place and plays an important role in society, just people who have skills that are brilliant and know to use, put the excess. For those who can not be optimally utilize the ability of marginalized or excluded, and only a marginal group. Life is a competition, only people who are able to take advantage of opportunities optimally managed to get the main points.

Things you need to remember, that everyone has the same chance and opportunity to develop the self and the work is really aware of its potential and the ability to be able to implement the improvement process itself.
You do not dwell only need a genius IQ with the new slogan could be the one. IQ was only one percent who pushed someone managed well and that 99 percent is the willingness and hard work to realize a dream and learn effective ways to realize that dream. Many who have a high IQ, but ultimately useless, because they do not get the right direction to utilize the excess capacity. Many people are successful even with a mediocre IQ, but the ability to receive guidance and direction to the right

To gain an edge in a kompetetif is your duty to give stock patterns of thought, patterns of doing a planned, systematic and effective manner. You should be able to direct admission in the development of special talents.

3. Develop self-confidence

Energy sources generating boost achievement of the self is self-confidence. Therefore, it is necessary grown or raised confidence in her ability to be able to learn to do or do something. Confidence in the heart will make myself try hard and find a way to realize his belief that with a lot of reading so extensive insight knowledge.


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